Bittersweet Birthdays

Birthdays are bittersweet reminders of ….

…who we are.

…who we were.

…who we want to be.

Birthdays are bittersweet reminders of…

….time that has passed.

…time that is left.

Birthdays are beautiful reminders of the human experience that we all share. No matter who we are, birthdays come and keep coming, marking out increments of our short time here on Earth.

Perhaps all of the attention that we lavish on our children on their special day has something to do with our own sense of time. We can hardly believe that our babies are turning 1 or 10 or 18, or 35 or even 50…for in our eyes they are exactly that: our babies.

But in the glow of those candles and in the soft silence of that inhale before they are blown out, we should pause in the light and celebrate life.

Life will be bitter. Life will be sweet.

No matter what you wish for.


2 thoughts on “Bittersweet Birthdays

  1. Lisa says:

    So lovely. Every year around the sun so far for my two fills me with such reflection about their births – what the experience was like for me, wonder again at how incredible and crazy labor must have been for them too. Those first hours, their bodies so warm and fresh.

    I agree – getting to savor them more is a deeply compelling piece of my desire to do school differently, to keep it closer to home, more intimate.


    • So true. I still remember the look in my first child’s eyes when they placed him on my chest. I knew then and there that I was a mother in that moment and forever. I miss them every day they are at school. Even though we found a wonderful school, I still can’t shake that feeling all day every day. I want my babies with me.


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