What I See Is Not What They See


When we first send our children to school, many go with trepidation.

Looking back at us for reassurance that it is going to be okay.

For years, we were their protectors, their compass, their rock in this big, big world.

We are certain that this is the right thing to do. A rite of passage if you will.

We wave. We shed a tear, or two thousand, and then go on about our day, wondering aloud to anyone who will listen, “Where does the time go?”  And each day, each week, each year, it gets easier. School becomes another part of the routine. We pack the lunches, check the homework, and hang their artwork and spelling tests on the refrigerator.  We mark the special events on the calendar, flipping the pages as the year goes by.

But what happens when school stops being what you imagined when you first waved goodbye? What if your compass is pointing a different way? What if slowly but surely pieces of that light you hoped would fill your child with the love of learning slowly but surely became eclipsed by shadow.

Would you keep sending your child down that path?

We are our children’s protectors, their compass, their rock.

We must demand the light.

The powers that are at work controlling our schools from above don’t see children the way that we do. They are not precious to them. They are not the pride and joy that we know them to be. To them, our children’s education is a spreadsheet of numbers rather than a sea of beautiful faces. It is a profit margin, a political platform, a marketing plan.

When we send out children to school, we must do so with trepidation. For education is no longer controlled by the teachers and principals that know our children as we do….as individuals traveling the most important path of their lives.


3 thoughts on “What I See Is Not What They See

  1. seahawk318 says:

    As ever, Paige has opened a platform for deep discussion, and reflection, on our expectations for the future of public education. Please, let’s use this recent awareness of big business manipulating the lawmakers, (PARCC and Common Core Standards) to rally a force of caring parents into giving control of education back to the Teachers. Let the educators teach, not the lobbyists.
    Keep writing Paige, and we’ll all keep reading!!

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    • Thanks Tracy…I am trying to get back into writing. You are right though, the parents need to push back because more and more teachers and administrators are feeling threatened, though I believe they must be strong leaders too in speaking up bravely together!


  2. shiela fuller says:

    Paige: This is an awesome post. And so true. I homeschooled all my kids till fifth grade , trying to give them a great foundation in education and solid in values. However, after five years of watching my third child spiraling down in both, I pulled him this year as a high school junior. It took a little time, but my wholesome , loves to learn boy is reclaiming himself . Public education is far from what we experienced as children and I could no longer, as you say, send him down that path.


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