Push With Me


Sometimes you don’t pick your battles, your battles pick you.

I think this sketch that I drew for my business cards is both literal and symbolic at once. For when you wage a war against something, you feel alone. Even as you reach out and find other like-minded people, your local or individual fight can feel parallel to the fight of others despite the fact that you are all fighting towards the same goal.

At night, when I finally get my children to sleep, I lay there. The boys eventually stop fidgeting upstairs in their beds. I can feel the soft pillow beneath my head and hear the soft, slowing breath of my baby girl beside me. As she falls deeper and deeper into sleep, I feel her warmth radiate against my side. Getting up feels impossible, wrong even. Why sacrifice these precious moments of quiet?

Yet I do. I do sacrifice rest, relaxation, time to myself. I get up out of bed, make yet another cup of coffee and get back to pushing that impossible pendulum. Why? Because I want better for my children, for other people’s children, and for our society as a whole.

I know others are fighting back against the corporate machine that has rolled over education and continues to plow down one ideal after another. I sympathize with their struggles. I encourage their innovative ideas. I make suggestions, when they need help. I praise their victories. I commiserate with their stumbles. I have made incredible friends, who think and act on those thoughts tirelessly, until they get results.

So when I see that logo I drew, I see the highly personal and individual work that I do. Yet also that little stick figure is a symbol for the united front this battle has created. People from all walks of life and political leanings have come together to demand that children be valued over the money generated by education reforms like high stakes tests. We are one in our mission to overcome the powerful machine that dominates, instituting ill-conceived, hasty reforms with the power of money.

I urge you to sign my petition and to push with me. Push back against corporate greed. Push back against the politics. Push back against reforms that are not good for any child.

For when you sign to support me, you are supporting all who have the best interests of the children in mind. If you have any doubt about my intentions, look at the comment section of my petition. You will see comments from friends, neighbors, colleagues, teachers, former students, and complete strangers.  All putting their faith in me.

I do not know how many signatures it will take to get heard, but one signature at a time change can happen.

Thank you to those who have already signed. Please help me to spread the word. Post on your wall. Send it to a few friends. Talk about it at the next PTA/PTO, union, or faculty meeting. Mention it at soccer or dance or gymnastics.

Push with me, and just maybe the pendulum will swing.

Click on the shortened link below to sign.


2 thoughts on “Push With Me

  1. maria says:

    I have four girls and your blog has touched me because that is exactly how I feel every day.
    You are aweaome. Keep up the great job!!!



  2. Robert Quinn says:


    Excellent consistent message every time. Marvelous!!


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