Letter to the Editor AC Press: “PARCCing: No Time to Learn”


In the article, “Schools Get More Time to give PARCC”, published on March 7, due to the weather delays and closings last week, the state Department of Education allowed for more days to add to the testing calendar. The testing window now extends until the week of March 24. Though snow cannot be predicted, the loss of learning time is inexcusable.  With a week off in April for spring break, students will then face an additional week of PARCC testing in May.

School districts have given up so much of the school year to tests that it leaves parents to wonder when their children have time to learn. The PARCC is nothing but a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Originally, there were 22 states participating in the PARCC consortium and now the number has dipped below 10 states. Why is NJ taking so long to abandon the expensive promises of high stakes standardized tests? As school budgets are approved this month with more cuts, pay attention to how much these tests are costing your district on top of what they are costing your children’s education. It is not too late to refuse. Put education back into the hands of teachers. Corporations like Pearson, who makes this test, do not have our children’s best interests in mind.

7 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor AC Press: “PARCCing: No Time to Learn”

  1. Robert Quinn says:

    Great job as usual Paige!


  2. Christine R. says:

    Thank you Paige for advocating for all kids! Well done.


  3. seahawk318 says:

    Another great post. Today I received a call from our school secretary to inform me of the plan for the Opt-out kids. The secretary told me that approximately thirty kids were out from the sixth grade. If that is the average for every grade, that’s a good start. And I have to say that my dealings with administration, teachers, and staff, show a definite leaning toward a lack of favor for all the testing. Maybe this is the wave that will get stronger and end the nonsense. Keep writing Paige!


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