Common Core Commercials: Who Pays?

I am going to publish this post again, because advertising makes me angry.

Today this commercial came on during a television show called the Rescue Bots. This show is geared towards children ages 5-8. By 10 years old it probably isn’t as popular. How is it that the designers of the Common Core Curriculum Standards (CCCS) couldn’t be bothered to ask experts in early childhood education to sit on their board, yet their marketers are savvy enough to pay to play the commercials during television shows that young children watch?

How can it not be about the money? Marketing pays better attention to our young children that education reformers.

Pushing the Pendulum

A firm believer in limiting screen time, I try my best to follow through. But I do recognize that it is not the root of all evil.

I DVR DWTS and Chopped to indulge on nights when I am not blogging, reading,  or passing out from exhaustion. But all day, I keep the TV off the vast majority of the time. However, my youngest boy is almost 4 and loves the shows Rescue Bots and How It’s Made. How It’s Made is educational, but the Rescue Bot obsession drives me nuts.

The Rescue Bots is a cute show, don’t get me wrong. Not much violence, no guns really, and some funny irony for the parents stuck watching. But my issue isn’t with the show. We can’t get the show On Demand, so we have to DVR it.  That means commercials. I try my best to fast forward, but sometimes…

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