A Little Boy, A French Fry, and Some Ants: Why Long-term Homeschooling Isn’t for Me

This is a post from 2012. It is on my mind, because the more frustrated I get with the education system, the more I am pushed towards homeschooling. This post explains my commitment to public education, but as I look over my heart I realize my family has to come first. Before I try to fix the world I need to do the best I can for them.


The little boy had a mohawk.

The sides were shaved to the skin highlighting the tower of his sculpted afro in the center.

He couldn’t have been more than 8 years old. It was late for him to be sitting on the steps of the Boys and Girls Club.

*                   *               *                   *                       *

I had just finished teaching at the club, the third in a series of workshops for high school seniors about how to craft a scholarship essay. My mind was whirling with the anger of the injustices in this world. Angered at my inability to fix them all. Angered by the parents, teachers, administrators, politicians, and ordinary fellow Americans whom have…

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