Neil deGrasse Tyson Thoughtfully Answered A Six-Year-Old Boy’s Impossible Question

Thank you to my big brother, Matt for sharing this witg me. He and I did more than our fair share of getting dirty playing outside as kids. When will education reformers get the concept that adulrs don’t need to direct or micromanage learning. It’s a natural process that we need only to encourage and facilitate.


"Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey" Screening Event And Panel

There are some questions humans will never be able to answer. Where do babies come from? How did According to Jim air for eight seasons? What’s the meaning of life? That last one is particularly impossible, though astromemeicist Neil deGrasse Tyson gave it a shot when a “six-and-three-quarter”-year-old boy named Jackson (who’s gonna have a fun, fulfilling life) asked it last night at an event at Boston’s Wilbur Theatre. Here’s how Tyson responded, in full:

“So — what is the meaning of life? I think people ask that question on the assumption that ‘meaning’ is something you can look for and go, ‘Here it is, I found it. Here’s the meaning. I’ve been looking for.’ That scenario, however, doesn’t consider the possibility that ‘meaning’ is something you create. You manufacture it for yourself and for others.

So when I think of ‘meaning’ in life, I ask, ‘Did I learn something…

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