One Teacher’s Resignation

ANd here it is….my resignation speech in all its glory. Time has passed, but when I reread this I still get teary-eyed. Today I went for a physical and froze at the line on my paperwork that read:

Occupation: _____________________ Employer: _____________

I literally didn’t know what to write. Am I no longer a teacher, because I was driven to resign? It seems so odd to be untethered to an occupation that has become so integral to who I am. Sure I am a mother, and that is the most noble, important job of all….but could I possibly ever cease to be a teacher? My heart says no, but my heart had no answer for that simple test question.

A New Paige

Tonight, on the agenda, you will find my resignation from teaching Reading and Language Arts.  So to prepare for this speech, I did what every self-respecting English teacher does: I googled the word resign.



  1. to voluntarily leave a job or other position

  2. to accept that something undesirable cannot be avoided


The problem is that my resignation is not really voluntary, but rather a decision that I was driven to make by the actions and inaction of others. And well, the second definition is not accurate either, for I will never be able to accept the fact that, despite my best efforts, I could not change the undesirable. Yet every single challenge that this town faces right now, whether it be lagging test scores, bullying, losing the best and brightest students to private and magnet schools, a growing immigrant population, increased crime, underage drinking, or heroin abuse…none of…

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One thought on “One Teacher’s Resignation

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