One Teacher’s Resignation

ANd here it is….my resignation speech in all its glory. Time has passed, but when I reread this I still get teary-eyed. Today I went for a physical and froze at the line on my paperwork that read:

Occupation: _____________________ Employer: _____________

I literally didn’t know what to write. Am I no longer a teacher, because I was driven to resign? It seems so odd to be untethered to an occupation that has become so integral to who I am. Sure I am a mother, and that is the most noble, important job of all….but could I possibly ever cease to be a teacher? My heart says no, but my heart had no answer for that simple test question.

One thought on “One Teacher’s Resignation

  1. […] speaking out against advertising on the side of our district school buses. In the end, I my resignation speech was quoted in an Asbury Park Press article about teacher burnout. Here is the […]


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