A Bittersweet Cacophony: That’s Life

These were my thoughts before publishing my resignation speech. I wanted to share this post and my resignation speech for my new readers out there. It is central to understanding my commitment to public education.

A New Paige

My resignation was approved. 

Since 2001, I have been more than simply employed as a teacher. I have been a teacher. When September 1, 2014 comes, and my resignation is official, my employment status will change. But I will continue to be a teacher, not just because I am choosing to homeschool my children until we get settled in a new town and until all of them are out of preschool, but because a teacher is who I am. 

Most resignations slide by unnoticed, unless it is due to some violation of the law. But my resignation was different, to me at least. A cacophony of emotions swirled, all competing for space in the crowded confines of my mind. I spent 4 nights between the times of 10 pm and 3am trying to compose my resignation speech. A speech that no one expected me to give.(In fact, I wonder if…

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